• Spring Break Forward With Some Me Time

    Spring Break Forward With Some Me Time

    Do you remember what life was like before “social media” was a catchphrase? Before social behemoths like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest managed to stack an endless supply of micro-moments on top of our already waning attention spans? Before we became these always-on, constantly-connected, app-hungry, sleeping-is-for-suckers fashionistas? Consider how many of us at this very moment are just an arm’s reach away from our mobile phone. I feel the need…the need for a News Feed.

    Hold on. I just received a TXT MSG and a Facebook Message from two different people ATST (at the same time). OMG! Which person should I respond to first? Which emoji should I send? First world problems, I know.

    Have you thought about taking some time off to disconnect this Spring? Believe it or not, the “National Day of Unplugging” was earlier this month (started March 4th at sunset and ended the following sunset on March 5th). There was even a dedicated website (ironically, but no surprise - http://bit.ly/1fuK92k). People were encouraged to sign-up for the #Unplug pledge. Basically, the creative minds at Rebooters.net wanted to remind us to crawl out of our “man caves” and “she sheds,” and go have some real-world experiences without checking-in or announcing your 411 for an entire day. If you pledged, you would also receive a “Cell Phone Sleeping Bag” (a small, white polymer package mailer). Ah, how cute.

    Obviously, you don’t have to wait another year to unplug. Maybe it’s time to start thinking what would you do if you had a 24-hour chunk of time all to yourself. Imagine being your own fully-automated, “hands-free” device. But what would you do? Hopefully you haven’t forgotten all of the amazing things you can still do offline, like:

    • Get up early before the sun rises*
    • Make orange juice (by hand)
    • Go for a jog
    • Go on a hike or a nature trail
    • Ride (or rent) a bicycle
    • Get a massage
    • Try yoga
    • Do some gardening
    • Take your dirty clothes to a new laundry mat
    • Spend quality time with an old friend #bff
    • Introduce yourself to a neighbor
    • Write a poem (pen on paper)
    • Paint a picture (paintbrush and canvas)
    • Visit a museum
    • Go shopping at an antique show
    • Take on an arts & crafts project (like a plastic bead necklace with letters and shapes)
    • Swing on a swing at a park
    • Watch sea-life at a tide pool
    • Go for a walk along the beach
    • Watch the sun set

    We certainly want you to enjoy all that Spring Break has to offer. But try to give yourself a “break” from VR for a day. Then share your story about what you did (or didn’t do) while you were off-the-grid as soon as you get back online.

    *Use the wake-up alarm  on your mobile phone if you absolutely have to...  


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