• The artLive! Madison Mannequins Army

    Madison Mannequin Army artLive!


    Have you ever watched Mannequin, the 80’s romantic comedy? It’s about Jonathan Switcher, a department store window dresser who falls in love with a mannequin who eventually comes to life. While Jonathan proudly looks up at Emmy, the name of the mannequin standing behind a store display window, he makes a confession to her. “You know you’re the first thing I’ve created in a really long time that made me feel like an artist.”


    Like Emmy resuscitating Jonathan’s artistic aspirations, events like artLIVE!, which showcase a wide range of artistic talent, help breathe life into the Las Vegas fashion and art community.


    There was so much to take in at this year’s artLIVE! event. But who could deny the Madison Mannequin army centerpieces? When completely stripped, the hard molded surface of a mannequin makes a great canvas.

    Several artists gave Madison a new identity by renaming her and by painting on vibrant designer skins. 

     Love at First Sight CJ the Kid Madison Mannequin

    Artist CJ the Kid named his mannequin Love at First Sight, painted all white with a hint of pink at the eye level...love is blind.


    Kim Johnson, and her masterpiece Huntress, inspired by Greek mythology the Mannequin features sky-blue skin and golden body art finishing up with a pair of antlers; an Eye of Horus just below the neck line is a symbol of protection, royal power and good health.

    Heather Hermann & Gear Duran assembled Xanadu 8000, a black and purple Nigel-esque robot mannequin who could help you get your shopping done at any post-apocalyptic shopping mall.

    Who knew mannequins could shed their skins and reveal such creative expressions?

    It’s not enough to make art for art’s sake. Art requires participation—from painters, to performers, to the public viewers. Meeo Miia was honored to participate in the 2016 artLIVE! auction which benefited the LV Fashion Council and 18b.


    Congratulations to Trish Truesdell, who took home the XOXO Heart necklace by Meeo Miia. We hope you enjoy wearing your piece and looking forward to seeing your pictures on social media.


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