• Touching is one of our greatest gifts


    Touching is one of our greatest gifts, oh where do I begin?
    As when you reach for the first time and feel the warmth of a newborn's skin.
    The feeling in your heart when you embrace someone in pain, that touch and memory never leave, within you they remain.
    The gentle touch to someone's face, showing love and deep concern,
    Awakens warmth within you, a slow and comforting kind of burn.
    Touching a beloved pet, feeling their fur in the fingers of your hands,
    Feeling good so deep inside like having your toe’s warmed in the sand!
    Touching someone who is ill to let them know you care, even knowing deep inside an Angel waits somewhere.
    Touching never leaves, it carves a special place inside, it stays with us in memories, there's no where for it to hide!
    Treasure the touching in your life, the touches you have given and those you have received, for you'll never stop feeling touched if you really do believe!


    Poem by: Donna Bowman, A loyal friend to Meeo Miia
    Huntington Beach, CA

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