• Secrets of the Meeo Miia Logo

    We are asked quite often what our logo means or how it was created. It took many brainstorming sessions to create a design that would match our passion and personalities.

    Because we are so versatile, both in our business and as people, the logo has several layers. There are so many ways to interpret it, similar to the notion of what social media and coded messages mean to different people. We loved the idea of a single image having the potential to mean something personal for each of our customers.

    For instance, one way to look at the Meeo Miia logo is to find a smiling female face with flowing hair (look at the bottom right) and the upside down male smiling face (look at the upper left side).

    Another perspective we see in the logo is our own version of yin and yang. Yin and yang is considered to symbolize how even opposites are interconnected and how they support each other the more they interrelate.

    Our next lens has us creating the infinity sign  , which stands for the limitlessness of our brand's reach. Considering social media is a growing industry and technology seems to discover something new daily, the never-ending visions for what our jewelry stands for (love, global connection, peace) is another perfect fit!

    Inside the male and female perspective, the yin and yang twist into the never-ending infinity, it’s all put inside of a text bubble, representing our evolving ways of communicating via digital devices.

    We LOVE it! What do you see?


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