• Buck the Fashion Trend. Stick with the Classics.

    NY Fashion Week Spring 2016

    September is fashion month. The hottest trends will make their mark on runways across New York, London, Milan, and Paris, and spread like wildfire thanks to uber-celebs and social media outlets. Pick any letter from the alphabet, and you’re sure to find a trending topic.

    Apple…Copycats…Eighties…Gender…Instagram vs. Snapchat…Kardashian…Virtual Reality…and the Z Generation.  

    What makes a fashion trend?

    A fashion trend is the social adoption of a new design or style. Rumi Neely, Alexis Ren and Vanessa Hong to name a few are our trendsetting fashion contemporaries, while Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, and Elizabeth Taylor helped influence fashion in their heyday. A trend can start out small and simple, but can catapult into the global spotlight when a celebrity embraces the trend. Trends tend to impact a large group of people over a long period of time as opposed to a fad which reaches a smaller population and is short-lived.

    NY Fashion Week Spring 2016 trendsetters

    These fast-fashion trends cater to our See Now, Buy Now senses, and through the osmosis of mass-production, find their way into boutique couture collections and major retail sales bins. Similar to the temporary hunger relief we get from fast-food, we remain eager to see, wear, and eventually discard the next trend. 

    As much as we all enjoy discovering new fashion, it might be more sensible to buck the trends altogether by spending a little more on quality. That is, we should invest in classics that will always be in fashion. That little black dress. The tailored jacket. Diamonds and precious metals for accessories.

    Unlike trendy, inexpensive pieces which tend to break and wear out quickly, it’s totally worth paying more for what will endure and become “vintage” over the years.  

    Fashion Trends VS Classic

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